This website features the work of California-based fine art photographer, Victor Fernandes. Here you will find his photo galleries and fine art prints for purchase. Victor's Photography draws you in invoking emotions as if you were there.

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About Victor Fernandes Photography

Victor Fernandes' story begins in Angola Africa, his place of birth. There he lived until war broke out in 1973. He fled with his family by foot and train to the Ivory Coast. Being Portuguese nationals they fled by sea to Portugal where they settled in Lisbon. In 1977 Victor and his family migrated to the United States. Victor's childhood was far from a picnic. But it gave root to a strong "Will". What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger".  These aren't just words, it is Victor's life experience. "Self-Taught" is Victor's life story.

   He has been an IT Professional for over 26 years and has worked for well know companies such as AEG, 21ST Century Fox, Warner Bros., HBO, Turner Broadcasting. This journey started in 1981 when he and his brother bought a Tandy computer from Radio Shack. All that he knows in this field he has taught himself or surrounded himself with like-minded people and learned from them. Victor has always had a thirst for knowledge, but if you were to ask his Elementary and High School teachers they would disagree. He learned more outside of school than inside. He was often caught by the truancy officers coming out of the New York City Library, Metropolitan Museum of Art, and American Museum of Natural History. Victor has always followed his passions no matter how impossible and ignored those who told him he couldn't do it. 

Why Photography?

   Victor's passion for photography comes from his father. He grew up looking at his dad's photo albums taken with a Canonette. In the late 50s, early 1960's his father fought in the jungles around Angola Africa. This was a war where the enemy was in front of you, hand to hand combat/guerrilla warfare. With his camera by his side, his father took amazing photos. Victor was amazed that he found time to take photos in such a dangerous environment. So Victor's passion grew from there.    

    Now to the meat of the matter. Victor's first love and passions have been history, nature, and travel. Photography brings all that together. A visual storyteller, His-story he calls it, pun intended. Victor loves traveling the world and capturing what catches his eye. His camera is his paintbrush. Victor's Photography draws you in invoking emotions as if you were there. His portfolio encapsulates many photographic styles and subjects. But he is most at home in nature capturing stunning Landscapes from his adventures in travel and nature hikes. Thank you for taking your time and browsing his portfolios. New photos are uploaded regularly. If you see an art piece in his Instagram gallery and you don't see it here and you would like a print of it. 

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